We're Different

We’re a STRATEGIC DIGITAL CONSULTANCY – a unique framework for a client-services company that reduces the toxicity of “agency life” and increases delivered value to our partners. Our team is comprised of well-organized, problem-solvers who support creative and leadership teams with insights, guidance, and managed services. We like to operate in the depths of technical digital marketing – growing systems, refining channels, and generating accurate data.


Our process is rooted in strategic planning. To us, it’s more than a line item – we’ve developed and refined processes of strategic planning which help organizations gain clarity to their marketing ecosystem and reach alignment on growth strategies.


Our subject matter expertise is primarily focused on digital initiatives. Although our strategic planning can generate insights into larger business positioning and operational strategies, our strongest tactical abilities are within the digital world.


We’re interested in transparent collaboration which includes knowledge transfer. We’re excited about helping our partners increase the depth of their internal assets and capabilities. An agency’s secret sauce should be comprised of expertise and work ethic.

Our Capabilities

Building an ecosystem where individual ad channels and tactics are cognizant of each other can be a difficult undertaking. It can also be the catalyst to realizing a growth opportunity. LASANAN works with partners by implementing and improving holistic marketing systems that move rapidly, efficiently, and accurately.



Collaborative Success

We’ve been a key part of some amazing brand and organizational narratives.



A Private-Label Consultancy
Not White-Labeled Services

"If a restaurant made a signature cocktail with a premium spirit, they wouldn’t hide the fact.

Similarly, our multidisciplinary partners tout LASANAN’s integration within their projects."

Our Strategists Have Contributed To:


Who We Collaborate With

Agency Partners + Growth-State Organizations

We work, transparently and collaboratively, with dozens of agencies, brands, and consultants from across the United States. As a “last-line” agency, we’re able to recommend specialists and vendors for projects, but do not sell services from other resources to our customers.

We insist on ethical client services – building accounts and processes within our partner’s infrastructure and ownership. It’s the right way to provide deliverables, in a transparent and collaborative way.

And our experiences include (but are not limited to) working with venture capital firms, global organizations, startups, luxury brands, Fortune 500 companies, and regional businesses.


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More than 80% of our book of business is referral – so you’d be pretty special for reaching out.

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We’re a dynamic organization that fits in a lot of different ways to solve problems. The best place for us to start is to better understand your immediate needs and reach goals. We’d be more than happy to set up a call with one of our strategists.

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Select organizations each month receive pro-bono audits that assess current strategies and offer solution recommendations. We provide these high-level reports on Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, & SEO Strategies.

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